Sometimes I feel like there is just to much spirituality and knowledge to soak up in from world and the past ones. Even great men, geniuses, may have come to the conclusion that their philosophy is the supreme and correct and in their eyes and the eyes of many it may have, and still may be. (Although, admittedly, few great men are pretentious enough to assume they are so ultimately correct.) But is it not possible that they had not heard some story, some idea or chunk of information that would have changed the way that they see everything? No man can know everything, but without knowing everything can anyone really achieve enlightenment? Enough the most intelligent, driven, and enraptured men will never be able to soak it all in and make a conclusion that includes and has weighed everything.

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It wouldn't be a proper noun if he isn't real and you believed that he wasn't? That's like telling someone that they have to properly capitalize his/her for every person they write about.

Have you heard the Myth of Sisyphus? Or maybe read the Hunger Games about Katniss Everdeen? Have you read Steppenwolf, it’s about a fictional man named Harry Haller. Just because you know or believe someone isn’t real doesn’t mean it’s not a name and shouldn’t be capitalized as a proper noun. Yes, I am directly telling you every person you write about should be capitalized whether you like them or not, or you think they are real or not. That’s not just a Christian belief, that’s a belief of everyone that has an understanding of the English language.

I think there is a special place in hell for people that hate God so much they won’t even capitalize His name. Like cool you’re an atheist bUT THAT DOESNT EXCUSE YOU FROM CAPITALIZING A PROPER NOUN.

I’m willing to leave her alone forever if that’s what she wants but I have to know why in one weekend things went from texting nightly, kind of flirting, her saying she wanted to go to prom with me, and her telling me to keep trying to either ignoring me or being very short and rude with me when I tried to talk with her.